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Sync 3 Pandora

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Hello all,

So I use Pandora quite a bit on my 2016 MKC with Sync 3 touch screen system.

I've noticed problems where the app crashes - especially when there is an advertisement. I have a Galaxy S6 phone - and Pandora works fine when not paired with the car. Anyone else have this problem? Also - I think my Sync 3 software version is 1.0.. is that the newest version?

Thanks all!
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My wife uses Pandora on her 2016 MKC all the time. She's got an iPhone 6s. When the phone is plugged in to the USB port, she has the ability to give a song a thumbs up or down on the MKC's touch screen, but not when she's playing Pandora over Bluetooth. I can't remember the app ever crashing.
I have the exact same issue on my 2016 Lincoln MKC. My phone is a Samsung S7. The issue is very frustrating.
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