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I have a 2016 and would love to have the digital speed display that the 2017 model has... Its all part of improvements/feature enhancements from one year to the next. Hopefully that upgrade is just a software flash and not a hardware change.
I have a 2015 MKC, but just traded in my 2013 MKZ for a 2017 MKZ. It is amazing how many little changes there are. I would guess many are similar for the MKC. One of the top 5 is the digital speedometer. The others in the top 5... a chirp instead of the horn when locking the car, a button to kill the parking sensors (great for drive thru's) just to the right of the Sync screen, individual tire pressure amounts instread of just the low pressure warning, and massaging seats - although that is a little creepy!

Don't know if I am totally sold on Sync 3. It will take some getting used to. I liked the 4 corners concept of the old Sync, it was very comfortable for me. No matter what the level of Sync, we are still at the mercy of the out of date maps in the Nav system. I live in a growing area and there are roads, stores, restaurants that have existed for 2-3 years that are still not in the 2017 Nav maps. They are in the Apple Maps thru Apple Play, but I wish Apple Play would allow us to use Google Maps which I am more used to. I had never used Apple Maps before. I don't know if it is due to Sync 3, but the voice recognition is 1000% better than my old 2013 MKZ or current 2015 MKC.

Having experienced both, I understand why there would need to be a hardward upgrade for Sync 3. The Sync 3 screen is totally different. I think it must have a crapload of pixels or whatever - since the fonts and printing are so much finer. It is also much more fingerprint resistant. :)
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