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Sync 3

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This is what will replace my ford and my lincoln touch. Sync 3. It's based on Blackberry not Microsoft.

I actually don't mind the four corner display. I like to see everything on the screen.

I think sync got a bad rap!


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That looks like the GM system.

I'm having no issues with the current Sync and certainly would not hold off a car purchase decision because it might change.
Will current MKC's be able to be upgraded to the proposed new system?
No I read online it's entirely new hardware. Will be available on 2016 models moving forward.

I agree looks like GM.
Great stuff SYNC 3 , I am glad holding off until summer for the 2016 model MKC. They say never buy 1st year production model. Cannot wait too see all the new changes in 2016 model.
With my 2012 Ford Edge, I was involuntarily part of the 'beta' Ford My Touch Sync rollout. After three years the system finally stabilized with the early 2014 release. And yes, Ford/Lincoln My Touch is somewhat slow but it actually works now. Personally, I have tired of being an early adopter and don't want to be part the of Sync 3 'beta' group. I'll sit tight while the kinks are worked out over the years (this applies to ANY software)
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Funny whats important in a vehicle today. My first car didn't even have a radio.
2015 owners can upgrade to Sync 3

Thoughts on this?

MyFord Touch Sync 2 to Sync 3 Upgrade

I did ask some questions via their email/contact us link and they claim it's identical to what you'd get in a 2016/17 MKC, althought has not been upgraded for Android Auto yet, which for me, would be why I would even consider it.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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