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SYNC issues

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My wife has an old LG phone which she does not want to give up. I was able to pair her phone to SYNC. It makes phone calls but only downloads about 15 of her 200 contacts. Any ideas?
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First time I paired my phone contacts did not come over at all. A 'master reset' did the trick.
Actually I found out how to do the Master Reset. I tried it but that did not work.
Did you check in the Sync webpage that your wife's phone is fully compatible?
It was not compatible. I wound up getting her an iPhone 5s and all is fine now. All I have to do is teach her how to work the phone which is a monumental task in itself.
Tango you should have bought her a Blackberry Classic. My husband gave me an iPhone 5s and I struggled with it for the whole time I had it. When the Blackberry Classic came out about a month ago, I bought it for myself and love it and find it far more intuitive in how things are programmed. My husband cannot believe I love my Blackberry, but different systems work for different brains. I actually love learning on the Blackberry and hated the touch screen system on the iPhone. My phone has a tool belt across it i.e. buttons to push to make calls and end calls etc. and physical keys. No swiping and swiping again like on the iPhone. Swiping is an option but not needed. Bring back the good old days LOL.
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