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Sync while ac blasting

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I live in Arizona so the Ac is blasting a lot these days. When it is and I try to talk say navigation, Sirius channels, climate whatever..... I have to scream into the dash and it's always wrong. Sometimes I have to yell 3 or 4 times before it gets it right.And if I should have the window open, forget it, she never gets it right.

Anybody else experience this ?

Sore throat,

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I need to bring mine into the dealership for the same reason, except we've experienced this with the windows closed and no a/c silence in the cabin. We carefully enunciate an address, it pauses and then says "98.7 FM "and changes the radio. At other times we clearly speak a known address and it comes back with 4 choices to choose from and all of them are all over the map - some as far as 60 miles away from our destination. We have rarely been able to get the voice activation to do the right thing, but when manually inputting addresses, etc, it works fine. Anyone know about a TSB for this?
I have noticed if the center vents are turned upward, they blow air across the mic on the ceiling and cause a lot of interference. That could be one possibility.
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