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TFL has taken the time to write up a full review of the 2015 Lincoln MKC. It goes into some excellent detail that is well worth the full read at their website which you can reach through this link --> Lincoln MKCThe Fast Lane Car: Auto News, Views, and Reviews

Here is the summary of the Lincoln MKC from the review.

The 2015 Lincoln MKC provides The Lincoln Motor Company with a compelling entry into the small premium utility market, which is the fastest-growing segment in the luxury automotive market. This segment has increased in the United States by more than 600 percent since 2008, and is expected to gain an additional 288 percent by 2018, according to IHS. By next year, the small premium utility segment is projected to account for 6 percent of luxury automotive sales.

The Lincoln MKC (we’re told that the MK model prefix is for Mark from Lincoln’s past, and that the C is for Compact SUV) is a stylish utility that drives well and is luxurious in its appointments. Handling characteristics lean to the sporty side, while ride quality is compliant without being mushy and firm, but not harsh. Torque Vectoring adds to the stability of the MKC during spirited maneuvers.

All in all, the Lincoln MKC is a small premium utility vehicle that blends a pleasing visual appeal, athletic performance, high build quality and state-of-the-art technology. It is the second of four all-new Lincoln vehicles due to debut in the marketplace by 2016. It would be more Lincolnesque with iconic “suicide” or coach rear doors.
They rank it a "Buy it!" which is the highest rank it can get from TFL. Overall its a very positive review.
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