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Yes, dealership / service experience does carry some weight with me as well. I have a VW and there's nothing really wrong with their facilities. The showroom is nice, there's an acceptable waiting area with free water, coffee, and wifi. However, loaners are only available for scheduled maintenance, which kind of sucks, and usually they give out Mazda 3's from next door. (combined-ish dealership)

If we didn't have a Lexus as well, I would think nothing of it. Lexus is significantly better, as it should be. Hardly anyone uses the plush waiting area there because you get loaners for everything. They hooked us up with a loaner for 4 days due to a popped tire from a pothole, even though they were so swamped (from potholes) that they had to bring in some Toyota loaners. They also gave me a GS when I requested once.

As far as sales experience, it seems to vary by dealer and sales associate. I've had good experiences at luxury/non-luxury places.
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