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Tire Chains on 19" wheels

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Anyone used tire chains on the 19" wheels? Lincoln says not to use them on 19's. I think it is because they are concerned about clearance or the chains damaging the rim with the lower profile tire. Thule makes several chains that work on lower profile 19" wheels that should work. Wanted to see if anyone has tried them.

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Wouldn't touch those with anything over 17".....and YES they will produce immense vibration issues at anything above 40km speeds....also, they don't fare well on dry pavement,just saying!
Ya, we have to use them in the mountains here in California in certain road conditions. Once they call for chains on all vehicles things are not moving very fast.


May I interest you in a slightly used army tank sir? has great traction and can climb mountains like nothing! sale price for a measly $500,000 tax in! LOL
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