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Tire sensor

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Today while driving ( 8 degrees temp) the tire monitior came on and said low tire pressure but not which tire. My SRX told you what tire was low. I assume that the MKC doesnt tell you in detail so you have to guess. I checked the tires and they are all equal at 30 #. Two weeks ago they were at 34 #. I think the cold temp has something to do with it so I dont really want to pump them up and then when warms up in a day or so they will be overinflated. Any comments?

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PV=nRT applies. T goes down, P goes down. Up to you to add more air in cold weather.
OK looks like not warming up so put air in the tires , light went out. My main thing was why wont it say which tire is low like other manufactures do.

No all manufacturers don't tell you which tire. It saves a re-indexing step when tires are rotated. Per Tire Rack ;
"Some systems that display the tire pressure at each location require a sensor re-learn procedure to be done after the tires have been moved to a different corner of the vehicle. But others use antennas in the vehicle’s wheel well to “see” where the old wheel moved."

Lexus, Infiniti and some other high end cars don't indicate which tire is low.
My wife's ('07) Volvo is like this as well.
I would prefer an indicator which tire too, but my experience is:
-if one is seriously low you can spot it;
-if they all look similar you need to check them all, a second tire is not far off from kicking the light back on..........
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