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Towing Prep experience

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Boating season end late here in South Carolina (actually goes all year for the hard core), so I targeted Thanksgiving weekend for moving the boat upstate with the new MKC. It is a 2.0L FWD with tow package.

A few things I might share:

1. the manual page 241 recommeded trailer brakes for trailers over 1500 lb. Boat, motor, and trailer are about 2600 lb. The old Mountaineer handled this rig without needing trailer brakes.

I read up and asked many opinions on the trailer brake pros and cons- electric versus hydraulic surge.

Electric- see manual- you may be required to have this depending on your state. Towing package is only set up with a 4 flat wire hookup, so a pro will need to trace the other needed wires from the harness, mount the controller box inside the vehicle etc. More bucks, better control, but common opinion was that this is only needed for large heavy trailers

Surge- simpler cheaper. You might have the option to run a 5th wire from the backup light wire to the hitch to permit automatic backup release. (Remember the trailer otherwise wants to stop when you back up). I put on a set of DeeMaxx stainless discs because of the salt water.

Hitching up- don't be surprised when the hatch opens and shuts while you hook up the safety chains and light wires. The backup camera is really sweet to aim right at the tongue on the first shot.

Power while towing. Very adaquate! I ran 3 hours at 75 with the speed control on and lost very little on the hills. Remember I am only running the 2.0L

Oddity- the BLIS on the right side was convinced something was in the next lane 75% of the time.

Fuel Mileage- ahem, not good, 12.8 for this trip. Hey if you do this regularly, you need a bigger rig that will penalize you every non-towing mile.


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Can you have the foot activated tailgate with tow package?
Yes, the foot activation works witn the tow package.
How did you find power to be moving from a standstill?
Just fine. There are two parts to that.
Swinging into two lane traffic, to claim a spot in the flow, from a dead stop is just as good as the Mountaineer was (4.6L)
Acceleration into in Interstate - I have a 30mph uphill clover leaf to negotiate- then up to 65- is more leisurely. The key is not to ease the pedal down-mat it and go.This is not a time for limo driving or eco testing.
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