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Update 2 Months and 4,000 Miles

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We still find the MKC a pleasure to drive. Still averaging about 24 MPG. It's plenty comfortable for my wife and I and just as we originally observed when shopping, cramped in the back seat. But the tidy exterior dimensions are nice.


Nav loses location sometimes, showing vehicle several hundred yards right of actually location. Apparently a known issue with Sync vehicles dating back several years. I would have thought Ford would have fixed it by now. Supposedly the dealer can update something to fix it.

Received windshield recall notice.

Welcome lighting quit working.

OTOH, our Sirius/XM works fine.

None of these issues warrant an immediate service visit and we won't be needing an oil change until 10,000 miles, so it can all wait. If I had the Sirius issue I would have tried to fix that, but the rest is so minor, I don't care.
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When do you have to take the car in for the windshield recall?

Glad to hear you are liking the MKC so far. Are you happy with the mpg so far?

The Navigation thing sounds terrible though. Seems like that is such an obvious problem that Ford should have solved it a long time ago.
I have never heard of a recall with an expiration date.

MPG is spot on EPA estimates, which is a relief.

The Nav thing is unacceptable, but not worth an extra trip to the dealer, who probably doesn't have a SB for it yet anyway. The Welcome Lighting is a whatever.
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