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Valentine One - Anyone Mount Yet?

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Has anyone who owns a V1 found a good place to mount it yet?

Normally in my previous Fords (Edges, Explorers, Expedition etc., (yes I have run V1s a LONG time)) I have a slim piece of spring steel I made that curves right above the headliner and is long enough to reach the inboard mount/catch for the drivers side sun visor. I take that screw out of the clip/catch thing that the visor clips into... and my steel piece (about an inch wide by 7-8 inches long) fits in and allows the clip/catch to go back in place sandwiching my steel between it and the roof. The visor clip screw holds it all nice and firm.

Now the other end fits right into the same slide section that the visor mount on the V1 has, I just pull out the curved springy steel they have for the visor mount and slide it on the end of my steel.

It lets the V1 sit properly against the windshield but even better it allows the V1 to sit up very high and just below the tint band. It makes it hard to see in the vehicle. And if I am really paranoid, I simply lower the visor and now you don't see the V1 at all if I am shopping etc.

I have the remote display for my V1, that is always a challenge to find a good spot for. I am also running the Bluetooth interface along with the OBDII connector that eliminates the need to splice wires or get to the fuse planel and also it does the auto mute thing under my set MPH which of course it knows from the OBDII connection.

I pick up my MKC here in about 2 hours. I am hoping that my mount will work with minimal modifications and that there is a good place to mount the remote display. I will take a bunch of pictures as I get it all hooked up and figure out placements.

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