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Wallowing and a moments hesitation

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We've got a '15 MKC 2.0 EcoTec. Prior to this we've owned two Escapes an older '09 and a '14 Titanium. The comfort level, materials and luxurious feel in the MKC interior are a big leap from the very satisfying Escapes. We take long road trips in the west and after a round trip last month to Durango and back from Tucson, I was amazed how relaxed I felt after arrivals at each end; the seats are fantastic. I did however notice two driveability items on the trip. One readily apparent was on challenging windy roads the MKC wallowed and leaned heavily, the front end washed out and did not impart a feeling of confidence I had in the '14 Escape. ( my son, a rabid car freak reminded me, "Uh Dad you bought a Lincoln, it's an old farts car") . Our other car is a '04 SVT Focus, I don't harbor any notion that the Lincoln would have the point and shoot nature of that little hot hatch.
The other trait was a bit disconcerting; getting on the power exiting a turn there was what seemed an almost excruciatingly long moment before the power came on, this did not happen in the '14 Escape. The hitch was nothing like an old engine miss or similar, nor was it turbo lag. I suspect the computer mapping may be set to as not "upset" a smooth relaxed "Traditional Lincoln" drive in such situations and was merely taking its time responding. I find it highly annoying and in certain evasive situations wonder how or if it will react?
As for the wallowing, I have searched with no success in places like Tire Rack, Ford Performance etc. for bigger sway bars and more robust shocks to flatten out the almost ponderous lean in the twisty bits. Anyone had better luck ??
Ok perhaps my son is correct to a degree, Lincoln's rebranding will be slow and purposeful compared to Cadillac's rapid change in demographics and consumer age group. I do really like the vehicle, it handles long road trips in the tradition of previous Lincoln Interstate cruisers and it's beautifully put together in the US. It seems to have so much more sport potential if only one could find it......
Tucson AZ
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Did you have the CCD (if you have it) set on "Comfort"? That setting might seem like the "traditional" cushy, floaty Lincoln ride more than "Normal" or "Sport".
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Did you have the CCD (if you have it) set on "Comfort"? That setting might seem like the "traditional" cushy, floaty Lincoln ride more than "Normal" or "Sport".
Just what I was thinking too....I actually never use's a tad too soft for my liking and ALWAYS use sport setting,and yes, it is a night & day difference, at least it is to me....on very rare occasions I find myself on broken uneven roads,then I change it to comfort on the fly....the second I'm on better road, I'm back to "sport" mode.
I have the 2.3L more potent power plant, so that makes a HUGE difference to me, which is why I chose it after test driving both engines!
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I have to agree with the other two, it was my initial thoughts as well. I can't really comment how to make better if you don't have the CCD option. As for the hesitation you mention, I haven't personally experienced it but I also have the 2.3L, and paddle shifters which I'd use to shift down into the curve and out if I'm looking for a more aggressive experience.
" I'm looking for a more aggressive experience."....Oh yeah!!!! LOL, 4th really flings you out of a corner and 5th's the cream!
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