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Weather Tech window vent shades

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I have a 2016 MKc on order, never did take a test drive and only briefly walked around and sat inside one.

In the 2015 order guide is/was an exterior option for "side window deflectors" for $89 that did not show on the 2016 order guide

I have always bought cars and trucks with full frame door windows and ordered Weather Tech (WT) side window deflectors that fit inside the window frame ( I would never buy the glue on outside product)

I just Assumed Lincoln had sourced WT for the 2015...but when I went to WT web site they do not have side window deflectors for the MKC

So the questions are
1. Does this car have full frame door windows? I see framed and frameless in on line photos

2. Did anyone get the side window deflectors from Lincoln?

3. If yes, are they as good as Weather Tech?
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OK I let these questions sit for 5 + days and see 70+ views and assume 50% are regulars looking, like me, to see any new posts and or answers.

Curious, I would expect a few responses to question 1 letting me know if their car has or does not have full framed windows

"Snarky comment deleted"

So far no one has any experience with Lincoln dealer installed side window vents for $89.... That is curious to me simply because in my market I see them on 8 out of every 10 cars....perhaps it is just a central Texas thing

And slightly more curious is no one suggested looking at Weather Tech site for the Ford escape version

Funny how this web sites current owners are all happy to chat about the best floor mats and ideas for good deals or customized accessories....

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Hey Fred no one is commenting most likely because they do not have them on their vehicle maybe? I do not.

Do you get a lot of rain where you are and/or smoke? Not stereotyping but I've found people from south/Texas smoke way more than around here these days and like the window open when it rains to exhale their smoke outside of the car.

I personally don't open my windows when it rains, I put on the a/c and keep them shut because I do not care for the look of them. No offense it's a personal preference in look.

I would assume the window deflectors for the 2016 should be same as the 2015. As far as I know the only change in the MKC from 2015 to 2016 is colors, engine, and sync 3. No body style/window change.

I would suggest contacting weather tech directly and see what they say as far as compatibility with the MKC for their style of deflector. I see on their website they are available/compatible with the 2015s so I can't see why they wouldn't be compatible with your 2016.
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Thanks for your note

was hoping at least one member would confirm the window frame question

As I said I live a long way from any Lincoln dealer and did not take note when I ordered the car last month

Thought a web search for images would show for sure--- but I found several so called MKc photos with and without frame around the window....perhaps some of the photos were of the concept car I really cant tell

Weather tech site has vent shades for the Escape but not for the MKc

I suppose a lot more folks smoke down here vs up in your neck of America. I quit years ago but still find the vent shades good looking, let me evacuate the danged fly that got in, and provide another section of tint helping reduce the UV load when driving north or south
Yes this is true, never thought of added uv/ sun shade. If I felt I needed them I actually would like those weather tech ones more because they do not stick out.

I am not exactly sure what you mean by the window frame difference. Can you attach the two different pictures and I will go out and look at mine and let you know which picture matches my MKC. At least you can verify which is 2015 but again I would be surprised if there was any difference between the 2015-2016.

I bet if you called weather tech and explained, you could order and if for some reason they won't work they will take them back. I know it's any inconvenience but I think the chances they will be fine outweigh them not fitting.

And congrats on quitting smoking!
I called Weather Tech and they said they could not get them to fit the 2016 MKC properly so they don't make them. I'm curious if you have found an alternative solution as I always have had these on my vehicles
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