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You can get the MKC for invoice - I did - ordered mine this past Thursday. Has every possible option. I picked the MKC over a BMW X3 because it was 20% less comparably equipped. I have owned two BMW's and while they are fine sports sedans their suv's are overpriced baloney with maintenance costs that are hair raising once you are out of warranty. Every time I drive an X3 or X5 I scratch my head wondering why anyone would overpay for what is in my opinion a meh product bought by most of its owners merely to impress others.

The Audi Q5 comparably equipped to my MKC is also 20% more than the MKC. The Audi Q5 offers more cargo room, but no dynamic driving superiority to the MKC.

The Lexus NX will have a fantastic interior and nothing else that is best in class.

The Mercedes GLK gets by on its three pointed star.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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