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I noticed that there is a recall for certain MKC windshields for bubbles .
While driving the other day I noticed a small crack in my windshield and didn't see any rock hit or anything. I looked at the crack and don't see any signs of a chip or rock impact. The area is right behind the windshield wipers. I checked and my vehicle was built during the time frame with the recalled Winshield. Guess I'll have to call Lincoln and see what they say.
I'm worried about the sensors and camera behind the windshield.

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Looked more carefully and there is a very small pin head size chip between the wipers so I guess a rock got me.

Insurance company authorized a new windshield. Took it to a local glass shop.
Told me had to order glass from Ford and will take a few days.

The glass shop got the windshield in yesterday , took it this morning nice and new with the Lincoln logo.

Always good to hear repairs went well...
This is a new ride for the techs/mechanics working in dealerships....lots of complex engineering to learn fast, so there will be a bunch of hit and miss repairs to the least, they can get it right...
I'm liking Lincoln...not too impressed how customer care is performing from what I hear, and that's NEVER a good start to a brand/customer relationship...
I decided to see what Lincoln had to offer....I always had great products from Ford...after the last Stang I'm convinced.
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