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Winter Driving in our new MKC

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Went for a drive today on snow covered roads in a pretty good snowfall.

I didn't expect the lane keeping to work because the lanes weren't visible. Yup they didn't work.

Interestingly, the front sensing system warned me of an obstruction when I slowed to a just couple miles an hour approaching a traffic light. The control center popped up an option to turn the system off which I did. So I learned that when the front end gets snow covered, expect the system to have a problem until the snow/ice is cleared.

Didn't get a chance to check the cross-traffic alert.

And I am reminded to wipe the back-up camera whenever I can. Slush goes everywhere on days like this.
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They need tom install "squirters" for the camera lens for cases like this.
Indeed, the slush plays some games with the sensors and cameras. The reverse sensor has made some mistakes about rear obstacles with the ice buildup I've had in my location.

How about winter tires?

Our MKC has 19" rims with Michelin 245/45/19s on it (all weather). I've been pretty disappointed with their winter performance, particularly stopping distance. The AWD gets it moving, but it really tends to slide around on braking. I should note that my driveway is pretty steep, and I'm in the ice belt in MI.

I was surprised to see there are some winter options in this rim size. Dunlop Winter Maxx, Dunlop Winter 3DS, as well as Blizzak LM-32 winter options available in this rim size. I'm rather torn on paying a lot more for a set of 17" wheels with Blizzak WS-80 tires, which I have on another car and they're pretty incredible or just getting these tires for the existing rims. I know the LM-32 is really an all season tire with some winter enhancements, but how are the Dunlop Winter Maxx? Are these lighter duty winter tires worth an investment, or will they be underwhelming versus a more hardcore winter tire and rim setup?

What have others done? I'm not expecting to drive through snow drifts and deep snow, and the AWD works well, it's really just about helping with that stopping distance.
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We just had 19" Nokian All Weather tires put on, and our Michelin All Season tires are up for sale on Craigslist (with no interest by the way and they have 300 kilometers on them). Hubby would not go on a little road trip down to the Oregon Coast without the new tires as the all weathers are infamously terrible on SUV's. We have almost no snow here on the Lower Mainland of BC, but on any snowy days the freeway has SUV's with all seasons in the ditches as the driver's are over estimating stopping ability and maneuverability with their all season tires.
A 245 width tire is actually very wide and is no surprise that traction in slush and snow is not good. Personally, for these conditions I would go as narrow as possible.
And, if you thought the 19" was wide, I have the 20" with a 255 width tire - definitely summer only.
Did you get winter mats for it?

I know some people are on the look out for weather tech mats but from the looks of it they don't have them available yet.
I got the factory all weather mats for the seating area and cargo area. The seating area mats are fine. The cargo mat does not seem to be as robust as weather tech mats we've had in the past.
I'm in Maine and we've been bombarded with snow over the past couple of weeks. The road crews are doing their best to stay ahead of the accumulation...but the snow has been falling almost non-stop. My MKC has not weathered the storm very well at all. Snow/ice build-up in the wheel-housing is constant and impossible to keep up with (we have a heated garage and the build-up melts off, then comes right back as soon as I hit the road). I've had to forego travelling on cleared roads with speed limits in excess of 45 mph (the shimmy is intense above 30 mph). Have to make frequent stops to remove the build-up. I've been a Michigan driver and a Maine driver all my life, and while this winter has been unusually intense -- it's not the worst I've ever experienced. But it has been the most challenging that I can recall where my car is concerned. Yesterday my wiper blades and turn signals stopped working. I'll keep you posted on what my service center recommends as a fix. I know this sounds like a rant (apologies). In general I absolutely love my MKC...but this winter I'm really missing my 2011 Ford Edge:(
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^^ that sucks to hear. which version of the MKC do your have?
Same beast I'm driving. I have 18" rims with all weather tires. Do you have dedicated snow tires or all weather tires? I basically got this to drive to the mountains for snowboard/ski trips. I was really looking forward to see how well it performs, unfortunately this is another bad snow/water year for California. Hopefully next year things will be better.
Your eyes in most cases are self cleaning. Your eyeglasses or Sunglasses, man made, require cleaning and depending were you live some areas more often than others. So yes sensors or cameras must be clean to perform their best. You can't see out the windshield very good when it is dirty, wet, snow covered or iced can you?

The 2016 MKX has a cover and washer for the front camera.

In regards to snow build up in the wheel wells. If the temps and snow happen to be conducive you're going to get a buildup in the wheel wells including a wheel. My Jeep's wells were fully packed a quarter inch from the tires for a few days last year. That has nothing to with balance of the wheels. If there is an offset build up of snow or ice in the barrel of a wheel you may or not, feel in the steering wheel , it's only temporary till it melts or is removed. No way around that once in a great while problem.

I have the 19 inch Michelin's, their an all season, not going to do as well as snow tires in snow. I did not feel there was any problem stopping. No rubber will perform well on ice. The snow tires will not perform as good on dry pavement and usually come with speed limit warning. One must chose what tire is best for their needs. I have not purchased snow tires sense all season tires became available. Not enough need in my locale.

For an AWD the MKC is just fine. You want to go 4 wheeling in the snow buy a Jeep, they wrote book.
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