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wrecked MKC, can't get parts

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Hi, I posted a few weeks ago when I posted pictures of my 1 m old MKC that had been hit by a goof who forgot to put his truck in park. It rolled down a hill into the side of my vehicle. That was on January 20.
I am still waiting on parts. They say some of the parts like the hatch are back ordered and IT WILL BE AT LEAST ANOTHER MONTH UNTIL THEY MIGHT COME IN but no promises then. Has anyone had an experience like this? Any suggestions if there is anything I can do. Its not like the parts aren't there. I have always bought GM and this is concerning to me if this is what getting parts from Lincoln is like for a "Lincoln owner."
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Yes, I am having the same issue with mine, too. You might recall my pictures of being rear-ended on Jan. 21st.
I took my MKC in for repairs ($13,000+) on Feb. 9th. Ironically, there are NO Lincoln dealers in the Indianapolis area with a collision repair/body shop! After taking the vehicle to 3 places, including the "major" local body shops, I decided to take it to a Ford dealership that I've had a number of great experiences with in the past. My thinking was that if anyone could get parts quickly - especially considering this is a 1st year car - Ford could! I also was concerned about getting the tri-coat metallic paint right.
The day I took it in, the hatch had already arrived!! Unfortunately it was damaged and unrepairabe due to being aluminum. I was told to expect the replacement hatch the 1st or 2nd week of March. To me, that's not a big deal. I'm more concerned that my MKC be like new when I get it back. It had 4800 miles on it when I was hit. Ouch!
I'll let you know my progress but so far, I believe I did the right thing taking it to Ford! I wish you well!
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Thanks, I hear you. Mine has 1200 miles on it. I am also concerned how well they will match the smoked quartz color. I am going to see about a depreciation claim when this is all done. With the delay, I tried to work out an as is trade w my dealer for another but they told me it would have to be fixed first and then only will offer me 63% of the sticker.
matching colors takes a lot of work as the more area they cover the better the blending.
a lot of work, expensive, but how it's done professionally.
Update: I called the Lincoln customer service number. A very nice fellow named Robbie told me he was assigned my case. He said he was going to try to
find the parts. He called me yesterday. Parts found and shipping out. Impressive and great customer service!!
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