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Wrecked MKC Today 1-21-2015

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Just wanted you MKC owners to know that I was rear-ended in my MKC (I was stopped) by a 2007 Ford Explorer that was going approximately 50-55 mph! I was shoved into an older Chevy pickup that was stopped in front of me. Obviously my MKC sustained a lot of damage but nothing compared to the Explorer, which I'm sure was totaled.
I was taken by ambulance to the hospital only because I was light-headed and had had a major back surgery along with quadruple bypass surgery (caused by the back surgery) only 5 weeks ago - I know it's confusing but some over-zealous paramedics weren't taking any chances with me. I was stunned but unhurt.
A friend drove - yes DROVE - my car to a local parking lot where, 3 hours later, I got into it and drove it home. It operated perfectly! The impact can only be described as an explosion, as you can imagine. I'm sure I have several thousands of dollars of damage but I'm here to tell you my MKC took a monstrous shot extremely well. I was sad but very impressed!
I'll try to figure out how to post pictures - they are worth seeing! No skid marks at the scene by a vehicle that outweighed my vehicle by 400-500 lbs (?) and here I sit at home uninjured typing this post.
Bravo, Lincoln!
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Thank goodness you're OK! Glad to know the MKC's crash protection did it's job. Had a similar situation many years ago when my Mazda was at a stoplight & hit from behind by a pickup. More damage to his vehicle than mine, though the impact was strong I watched it coming in the rearview mirror, but couldn't move (sickening feeling...) It's very reassuring, though, to find out our vehicles offer the level of protection they do in this day and age.
WOW, first and foremost, congrats? I mean you're ok and thats job 1!!! would love to see pictures... sounds like the Explorer probabaly hit you, what, mid height on the tail gate?

What happened to the front end?

Again, thank goodness you're ok! As they said in Brave New World, "In Ford We Trust" ;)
Looking forward to seeing the pictures. I can't believe you were driving the car still right after. That surprises me.

Glad to hear that the MKC holds up well in a crash. Its never nice to crash but when you do you want a car that can handle it.
Bruce so glad to read that you are basically okay, but you likely will be sore in the days ahead. Make sure to take it easy and get in some long naps. Take care there. Very sorry that the accident happened.
Here are some pictures of my recent wreck. Please note that I was stopped and was hit by a Ford Explorer going approximately 50 or so. My MKC was driveable and to the best of my knowledge everything works - brake lights, turn signals, back wiper, etc.! My first estimate for repairs is $10,772.25 with more to come! This little CUV can really take a punch! I am very impressed!

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I was mistaken about the weight of the 2008 (not 2007) Ford Explorer XLT that hit me in my MKC (see pictures). It weighs approximately 2200 lbs. MORE than my MKC!! I believe that makes these pictures even more impressive!!
Bruce: You were right the first time. Depending on the model a 2008 Ford Explorer's Curb weigh is 500-700 pounds more than the MKC.

2008 Ford Explorer XLT 4dr SUV 4.0L V6 5-speed Automatic Features and Specs
Ouch! Awesome pictures, however. Especially the driver of the Explorer LOL! I have a white 2.0 FWD with the same 19 inch rims also so it hits home for me too.
Hey Linc,
According to your Edmund's link, the 2008 Explorer XLT has a curb weight of 5956 lbs. compared to my 2.0 MKC at 3791 lbs., also from the Edmund's site. Unless I've missed the boat, that's a difference of 2165 lbs.! Regardless, the MKC performed far beyond anything I would have imagined! Today I discovered that even the back wiper and washer even worked!!
I'm nervous at what'll be found once they start taking it apart - stay tuned!
Bruce: Copied from the link.

GROSS WEIGHT 5956 lbs. CURB WEIGHT 4436 lbs.
ANGLE OF APPROACH 28.2 degrees ANGLE OF DEPARTURE 23.8 degrees
Hey Linc,
As the kids say, "my bad"! Thanks for the correction! Glad you were right - I may not be writing this if it was a ton of difference!!
i got a pleasant surprise today - I got my MKC back from the body shop and I am very pleased! I originally feared getting the white platinum metallic tri coat color as far as potential paint matching - in the event I ever needed to have it repaired (see my crash pictures on 1-21-15) but my fears were unfounded!
I am very happy with my decision to take the car to a trusted Ford dealership versus a Lincoln-reccommended shop (no Lincoln dealer collision shops in Central Indiana). I felt that if anyone could get parts for this 1st year vehicle, a Ford dealership could - and they did! I might add that they also did the "start button recall" repair without me pointing it out to them. The total repair cost was $14,955.19. Whew!
One last comment. This car took a pretty hard hit and it protected me very well so the dollars are irrelevant. I love my MKC!!
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Make sure to call their insurance and ask for a check for diminished value. Most states require them to pay this but not all people know about it. Typically insurance won't pay it unless you ask...

Basically if you went to sell or trade in your car today you would take a hit of probably $3,000 due to the fact it is so new an been in an accident. On a dealer lot they would be hard pressed to sell it because of the wreck most people would just find another car they don't want a car that is less then a year old and in a wreck.

So short version, call them and ask for your check for diminished value.
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Bruce: Nice to hear all was repaired to your statisfaction, I know the pain of a 1-2 years old car repairs. I feel for you. And see the need for the extra cost for insuring the MKC. I would have never estimated the damage to be that high.

Do you know of first or second hand claim results you can comment on?

Diminished value car insurance claims get the wrecking ball

Below is just a small pasting of reading on the subject.

If you crash your vehicle there is no case for Diminished value.

In Third party claims (which would be Bruce's claim) you may or may not receive funds.

There are three schools of thought as to why a vehicle experiences diminished/diminution value after a wreck:

Diminution in value is "inherent." This means that every car loses value after an accident (even if the auto shop did a great job repairing it).

Diminished value is "claim-related." This means that a car loses value because the insurance company pays for inferior aftermarket parts or refuses to pay for specific repair procedures recommended by the body shop.

Diminished value is "repair-related." This means that the vehicle loses value because of subpar repair techniques, such as poor welding or refinishing.
Whether car insurance companies will reimburse you for diminished value depends on the company and its policy language.

"In the past decade, a number of courts have squarely addressed the issue of diminished value claims under comprehensive and collision auto insurance coverages.”
The majority of these courts have ruled that comprehensive and collision coverage limit liability to payments for proper repairs and do not provide for payments for losses in value, he says. State supreme courts that have set this precedent include those in Delaware, Indiana, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, South Carolina, South Dakota and Texas. A few appellate courts have made similar rulings, including those in Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Wisconsin.
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First off, I'm glad you weren't injured in the accident, but nice to know the MKC can stand up to a pretty hard hit - I'm used to asomewhat bigger vehicle(previous Lincoln was a 2012 MKT) so It's reassuring to know they hold up well.
What Ford dealership did your repair? I live in west central Indiana and would like to know in the event that we have a collision as it sounds as though they did good work.
Thanks for everyone's concern's over my accident. A couple of comments - first, the guy that hit me had the mandatory Indiana minimum for collision - $10,000. That amount will have to be divided between me and the guy that I was pushed into although he had less than $1,000 in damage (an old, beat up pickup truck with preexisting rear end damage). For all you MKC owners, be advised that a frontal collision will likely damage the "louvered" elements behind the grill - an additional $2,200 of damage discovered once the vehicle was in the shop!
Lastly, for once, leasing will prove to have been a wise choice in this situation. The car was repaired very well but should I be uneasy about it whatsoever, I'll simply walk away from it at the lease's end. I doubt that'll happen because I really enjoy the MKC - but have my eyes on the new MKX!!
The Ford dealership that repaired my MKC was Inskeep Ford on US40 in Greenfield Indiana. Ask for Dennis - a real pro!
I know you meant that the other party only had 10K property Liability Insurance. Collision is the insurance you carry for your own car. Considering that he was at fault for the damage and your state allows Dim value, you could file a claim, but considering the policy limit is exhausted, you will be hard pressed to get it. You would have to sue the other party. Just also to let you know you will not get 100% of your ded back either as the insurance will pro rate the ded based on what they recover. The amount the other pickup truck will recieve is based on aportionment of both vehicle damageand policy limit. Oh if It sounds like I understand this its because I worked for insurance company for 35 years.
In some states that allow diminished value its very hard to prove untill vehicle is sold.
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