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With the Christmas cargo load, it was clear I had to get my 20 year old Rocket Box fitted to the MKC. Yakima techs recommended the following:
58" crossbars
set 4 Q towers
pair Q124 F front clips
pair Q32A rear clips

Once in hand, it was clear this fit was unlike the first 5 vehicles I had fit. Each of those had factory rails/racks/rain gutters to clamp to. This fit of the MKC uses the strength of the crossbar under specific tension to clamp the door openings.
So you must precisely set the following dimensions;
M1- 43 1/8" (distance between front towers on bar)
M2- 11" (distance from front tower base to corner of windsheild)
M3- 41 1/4" (distance between rear towers on bar)
M4 - 32" ((distance front to rear bar)

Tensioning each clip side to side grabs the car evenly.

It worked well. Although a 125# limit sounds low, there is always a good amount of bulky cargo we end up hauling. Setting the tailgate opening to avoid the rear of the box, I still had plenty of access to load the trunk. Noise level was not bad, and the gas mileage hit was maybe 1.5-2mpg.
Please be careful with that set up. The angle of the sheet metal in the door frame is at an angle where the brackets could slip out if subjected to a heavy upward force.

Ford does recommend the Thule rack with the Pano roof, its at lower load limit because of the vehicle stability system isn't set up with a load on the roof and could change the vehicle dynamics
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